Saturday, November 26, 2016

Using SOLO to structure Design Analysis

When my students choose to do Design and Visual Communication, I am not sure they are fully aware of how much written work we have to do. They choose Graphics for the drawing (obviously!!)
The analysis side of the work is always the hardest part that we have to do.

Our Year 10 students have started their NCEA Level 1 courses already, so they are now the Year 11's on their JumpStart four weeks at the end of the year.
Part of what I have set up for my group is some analysis exercises using SOLO as the structure to support it. I have broken the questions down into slowly increasing depth using the SOLO levels.
Here is the template with the questions ...

The exercise that we did first this week to start us off was to find a picture of a running shoe and post it into the class Google Plus Community. The notes they had to write with their post was answering the questions on the Unistructural page. They then had to write a comment on someone else's post answering the questions on the Multistructural page.
I did this first / with them to give them some confidence. This is their first time in this class doing work in the community where everyone can see it. There was a little bit of nagging involved for some of them as they were hanging back, waiting, not posting. I have found this is normal as I have used the Google Plus communities for a couple of years now with my classes and they are always a little shy at first. They get over it fairly quickly when they realise that there is no judgement on what they post and we are helping each other out. 
Here is an example of what we did on Friday. We only had a single period so only did the first two levels. Come and visit the community of you want to see more. As usual there is a post that is "outside of the box".. !!

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