Thursday, March 16, 2017

Student Voice - Year 12 First Standard

We have recently finished the first standard at NCEA Level 2 (AS91354), so I sent the students a Google Form with questions on it to get some student voice / feedback about how they thought it went.
I have a lot more students than 7 but these are the answers I have so far....

Quite a large percentage of my Level 2 group are students who did not do Design and Visualisation at Level 1 last year.

I get the impression that they didn't really understand this question!!
I thought it would be good to compare but I obviously need to go over what I mean by this question before I ask a similar one again.

While I am pleased that there is no answers in the 1 and 2 area, I need to put some thought into this as some that are only half way up is not good enough.

What worries me in this set of answers is the 4 sitting on "wait"and I am thinking about this and the previous question about getting enough teacher time.
This has made me think about using "back channels" in the class room. My thoughts are around the students putting their questions / problems out there on the back channel and they can answer each others requests, chat about what they are doing and I can answer their requests there too.
I put this to my group this afternoon and asked them if they used Twitter. About half of them are already on Twitter and when they asked why and I explained the whole "back channel" idea, they suggested google forms, googles docs, the chat feature down a doc and the class community. There were all good ideas and we will discuss this more next week.

Yeah .... there is always something I can be doing better so I think they are just being polite here. I wasn't collecting their email addresses so they weren't worried about me knowing who said what. Maybe giving them a list of possibilities to tick would get better and more helpful results for this.

While I appreciate the little bit of honesty shown here, I think that the next time I ask this question in a feedback form, I will structure it with some possibilities to tick so they have some idea about the direction that I want them to start thinking.

As this was a new thing that I was trying this year, I am pleased that it went down so well with the students. None of them are completely convinced they want more of it in other parts of the course, but after talking with them, it has to do with who they were working with and the amount of effort they felt others put into the team work.

I am pleased that they all seem to know what they have to do in the project. Again, I think some tickable boxes here might have gotten some more useful results as to reasons. I am happy that they thought I instructed them well though.

I went over where everything was on the site at the start of the year and I link where I want them to work form on the class community and the calendar, so getting to the work / site pages / instructions should be easy enough. 
It is good to hear from some of them that they think it is ok.
This feedback can be improved by including some options next time. They seem to need more guidance on these type of questions as to the direction I want them to think about.

The attendance is mostly ok. Most of the absences are because of Trades courses and this is a good thing for the students to do and I hope that the course is set up to accomodate this.

I am wishing that I had not included "other" on this question as they have not written in the note section of the other option so I don't know their reasons for this choice.
It is good to see 2/3 have their chrome books most of the time and when they don't, there is the computers in my room that they can use.

No real surprises in their answers here. "Sitting with the right people" was interesting though, especially taken into the context of working in pairs / teams.

This links me back to the "more time with the teacher" and "waiting for attention from the teacher" from previous questions.
How can I help them more?
  • Set up of the site
  • Set up of the instructions / tasks
  • Better use of my time in the class

I love the answer about doing the website. The students all have a Google Site where they put all of their project work as an online portfolio. I love the fact that some of the students like putting this together.

I am pleased with the honesty in the "writing the information" answer. This is exactly the reason that one of the things I am focussing on this year is structuring the tasks around SOLO taxonomy and this will especially help the writing elements of the project work.

One of the senior classes is quiet small. is a mixture of Level 2 and Level 3 and is a quiet, hard working atmosphere.
The other class has a large number of students who are at Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. It is noisy and if I am honest, rather chaotic. This is obviously something I need to look at as it is getting through to the Level 2 students. 

This feedback from the students has given me an interesting to do list and a definite need to structure the next feedback form with more options for them to choose from and areas to add their own.

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