Monday, June 19, 2017

New Google Sites

When the new Google sites came out, I had a little go and instantly hated it.
I mean, come on. I'm a Graphics teacher. I need to change fonts!!!

Anyway, as more staff at school are starting to make sites using the new sites, I have decided to force myself to love it as i am going to end up supporting people with something I haven't played with properly.

I decided to make my experimenting useful and so I have started off by making a Junior site. This will be used by Year 7, 8, 9 and 10.
I soon realised that the navigation across the top was not going to allow me to have one site for everything that I have at the moment on the old sites layout. Link here to my current site.

My layout decision was to make one site that has one page on it, illustrated above. This will have links to seperate sites for each level / link, with them all having the same look so you don't feel like you are swapping between sites all the time. I still want it to feel like one overall site for everything like I have now.
So far I have made and started on a skills site and a juniors site.

Link to hub front page
Link to juniors site
Link to skills site

What I don't like?
It's a really long list so lets focus on the positive....

What I like?
The look is clean and simple
It is REALLY easy to add stuff and use
How it flows beautifully for different sized screens and viewing

I am sure the like list will grow as I use it more and Google add functionality to it.
I shall continue to force myself to love it.

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