Friday, October 20, 2017

Lesson Preparation using the New Google Sites

I have made a start on my planning for Jump Start and next year, so I decided to bite the bullet and use the new Google Sites to do it.

I have decided to do a seperate site for each Year group then link them all together using a hub page site.
The one I have been working on the most to start with is the NCEA Level 1 site as this will be needed for Jump Start in week 5.

I have only got one project on here at the moment, the Architect Poster project, and areas for skills and literacy. If you look at this as i write this post, there are gaps as it definitely a work in progress.
Link to site

There are drop downs under each label, so lot of information is included on the site.
Under the home page is the Level 1 calendar and the standards that are on offer over the year.

Under the project tab, there are all the activities listed that the students have to complete for that project. Each activity has it's own page.

Under the skills tab, there are some skills that will be needed for this project. This will be added to over the year as the skills that they need increase.

Under the Literacy tab at the moment, are the activities that we are going to do over the Jump Start period of time at the end of the year. This area will be added to as well as the students need more literacy skills over the course.

Please take a look and any feedback on layout, design or content will be greatly appreciated.

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