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Manaiakalani Google Class OnAir Lesson 18 - Research Reading

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Direct Instruction

The students are brought together to be shown a Google Drawing that will be shared with them via the class site.
The purpose of this is to get them used to picking out key items of information from written text that they see on the internet.
This is to prepare them for next year when they are going to be collecting information about their architect and they need to pick out key points that they can use.

Link to Google Drawing exercise

Student Created Content

These are examples of student work that they created on the day.

This video shows sort clips of a few students talking about their work.

Lesson Topic :- Understanding Written Research - Introduction
Year Group :-  Year 11 (Jump Start )
Learning Outcome
To be able to read a piece of information from the internet and use SOLO structure to help them IDENTIFY elements, see where design work is DESCRIBED and see where decisions are EXPLAINED.

Success Criteria
Using SOLO

Extended abstract
Students can identify the elements in the text where the design and the materials used are identified.
Students can read through the information given and can highlight the areas that list and describe elements in the text.
Students can analyse the information given and can explain why they are highlighting the parts that they are.
They can start to question what they are reading as to what they don’t understand.
Students complete the reading and evaluate it so they can highlight all of the areas needed. They reflect on what they have read and pull out the words that they do not know and add them to the Answer Garden.

Links with the New Zealand Curriculum
NCEA Level 1 - Curriculum Level 6

Outcome development and evaluation

Critically analyse their own and others’ outcomes to inform the development of ideas for feasible outcomes.

  • Thinking - reading and analysing found text.
  • Using language, symbols, and texts - using SOLO to highlight key points in the text.
  • Managing self - working well as a team of two to complete the work.
  • Participating and contributing - listening to the explanation and giving input into the conversation. Giving input between them in the pair work.
  • Relating to others - Listening to the opinion of the other person in the team while doing the exercise.

Prior knowledge
The students know which architect they are focussing on.
They have produced some concept ideas for the layout of their posters.
They have not started the information collection about their architect or their work yet.
Lesson Sequence

Session Outline
The students will work in pairs on a reading exercise.
They will read through an excerpt taken directly from the internet and work together to pull out key items and colour code them so they are visible.
Student Activity
Teacher Activity
  • Listen to instructions as a whole class.
  • Get into pairs and make a copy of the activity.
  • Read the given text.
  • Discuss between them what words / sections they are going to highlight.
  • Explain to the whole class what the activity is about while they are all together at the front of the class.
  • Ensure they are working in pairs.
  • Give help and support where needed as the activity progresses.
  • Discuss individual words and phrases with students.
  • Encourage / remind students to share their work and to put unknown words into the answer garden link that is on the document.
  • Make a copy of the document and share in their pair.
  • Highlight the chosen words and sections with the appropriate colours to make those parts visible on their document.
  • Decide which words they do not know at all and add them to the shared Answer Garden.
  • Share work into the class community.
  • Look at the words that others have shared into the Answer Garden to see what others do not understand.

Access to desktop / class room computers for students with no chromebook.
Next Steps
The students will look at the words in the Answer Garden in detail and work through finding out what they mean as a class / team.
Reflection and Analysis

What went well.
The students worked well in their pairs to do the exercise. They read through the given text well and making them highlight sections ensured that they read through it more than once looking for specific elements.
This was the first time trying this kind of activity, and they responded well and understood why we were doing it and how it would positively impact their project work in the long run.

What still needs work.
Should I choose the teams / pairs or let them work with who they are comfortable with?
Some teams are more on to it than others so the makeup of the teams has an impact.
I only got them to highlight a couple of key things in this initial exercise. Can I get the same impact if they are looking for a longer list of things from the same text?

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