Monday, July 31, 2017

Building up the design analysis in stages.

My seniors (Year 11, 12 and 13) Design and Visual Communication students are at the point where they need to do written analysis of their own design work.
This is always the difficult part for us so I have made it the focus for my Manaiakalani Class OnAir work this term.
So far, we have done exercises together on the class Google Plus Communities of common products that they are familiar with - Link to lesson post here.
Our next step was to take photographs of the design development work that the class has been working on and put that up into the community and analyse each other's work. There is no lesson link to this at the time of writing as I am still putting it together for Class OnAir. I have been working with students using the Google Plus Communities since doing my year with the Manaiakalani Innovative Teacher programme in 2014, where I focussed on blended learning. The students told me then that it was easier to analyse someone else's' work than their own.
This week, we are working on step three of this process where I am going to put up a product at the start of each lesson and we are going to verbally analyse it all together.
We had out first go at this today. I put up a simple product, a shape sorter, and we all sat round the front talking about the design decisions that has been made for that product. I wanted them to talk about it together so that the pressure of writing sentences about it was taken off them and they could concentrate on the analysis.
After the session, which was very short, 10 minutes maximum, they got back to their individual design development work. I wrote up what they said onto a shared Google Drawing and put it into the class communities for them to look back on if they needed to. My plan is to do this at the start of each lesson for the next couple of weeks so they get used analysing and hopefully increasing the depth of the analysis each time we do it.
I coloured their replies on the drawing in relation to the SOLO taxonomy posters we have in every class room at school.
I then spent the session talking to the students on an individual basis, helping them with their analysis work on their design by asking them questions that they had to answer themselves.

Here are their replies today :-

Here is the SOLO Poster information that it corresponds to :-

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