Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Product Analysis with Year 10

I have had a certain amount of success recently by doing product analysis with my seniors all together as a class, where we talk about the products. Class OnAir lesson about this here.
I thought that we would try this together with my Year 10 class. I have been planning literacy strategies for this class based on SOLO taxonomy and in collaboration with the English Department. Blog post here.
So far, this class has looked at different types of portable speaker and read a description. We have started some design ideas of the front of the speaker (drawing in 2D). What we need to move on to is analysing their design ideas.
The plan for today is to do a group activity first. We will all sit together and analyse the example I have put together. They just need to say their answers in front of the whole group, with no typing for them at this point. They need to listen to each other and share their ideas verbally.

Link to this Google drawing here

Then, I want to move on to them analysing their own work. I want them to choose 2 of their design ideas, which I will photograph and share in the Class Google Plus Community. The students will have to get their photographs and put them into this template.

I have made an example of what to do with this template with a drawing of my own that I photographed from the board when we were doing design ideas. (This is why the drawing is not great and not in colour!!) I will go through this example with the class so they can see what I did and why.
Link here

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