Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The power of having student work on the wall

I have had a collection of student work on the back wall for a while now and the architect posters have been getting added to over the last couple of years. They now show achieved, merit and excellence which is good as I can point out different aspects to the Year 11 group. The students have looked at these quite regularly but I had not realised the impact that having the work on the wall has had on the students until today.
One of my level 1 students said to me today - " are our posters going to go on the back wall miss?"
"yes of course they can!... I will go and print them now" - we still had them online from uploading them to the Google Plus Community.
While i was putting them up... "can mine go in the middle so it is the first one seen?"
"can mine go next to the excellence poster miss, as mine is excellence too then they are both together?"

Here is the finished collection of work. It is a selection of the last couple of years and this year all together.
It is really nice that the students look at the work on the wall and it has had an affect on them and that they have pride in their work and want it to be displayed.

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