Thursday, February 15, 2018

Analysis of Existing Products with Year 9

My year Year 9 class are designing fruit juice cartons this year. We will be producing the networks of their designs using the laser cutter with slide on sleeves on the design to create different layers and shapes.
Class site here
Before we get to design work we need to look at existing carton designs to see what is on them.
The first part of this today was a good exercise in resilience and failing. We were trying to do a Google Image search for a picture of a juice carton that is taken apart and folded out flat. We tried "juice cartons 2d", "juice cartons networks", "juice carton flat" .... and many other attempts in between. The students were great. "Try this one Miss"... "no that doesn't work" .... We eventually got some hits with a suggestion from a student "net of juice carton".
They then had to put his on a Google Drawing ready for analysing.
This example here is the one I was working with on the projector screen as the students did theirs.

What the students had to do was identify and label the main elements of the design. We were shouting out ideas for everyone to find that on their example. All the students images were different designs so they had to focus on finding these elements.

I highlighted the SOLO Taxonomy poster on the classroom wall and told them we were working at the unistructural level doing this as we were
I highlighted my example that was being put together on the board they worked in yellow for these sections to match with the poster.

We then talked about which elements had to be included on food packaging by law.
These were highlighted in green to indicate that we had started to describe the different parts of the design by doing this and were therefore in the multistructural area of SOLO Taxonomy.

We had a double period today, but only did this exercise for the first one so it is still unfinished. We did a bit of practical work in the second half and started looking at making 3D shapes and made a cube.

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