Tuesday, February 20, 2018

NCEA Level 1 Design Development Analysis

With my NCEA Level 1 Design and Visual Communication students we are learning to use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to develop our design work.
We are up to the stage with our design development where we need to write an analysis of what we have been doing.
There has been a lot of language and vocabulary that we have been using in both the design stages and the learning of the software that needs to be included in the analysis that they have to write.
I am going to share the following information / questions with them on a Google Document to support their analysis writing. We are going to do the top section together, so we can all add words into the key words box. These can be from the design elements work we did, the layout work or the programme specific vocab that we have been using.
The students will be sharing their design work into the class Google Plus Community, so I want them to write their notes in the comment sections under the posts. They have to do one of their own designs and one from someone else in the class. When I have asked students in previous years, they have always found it easier to analyse each others work rather than their own. By putting it on the community, they can all see each others' notes, so can get ideas from each other without feeling shy about it.

I have colour coded the work green to tie in with the SOLO Taxonomy posters in all the classrooms that show the multistructural sections in green.
Link to document

Design Development Analysis Step 1 - Describe

We will fill up this key words box together as a class before you answer the
questions about your design work and the design work of others in the class.

Key Words

What shape and proportion is the page chosen to design the poster on?

Main Title
Where is the main title on the design?
How big is the main title when you compare it to the rest of the design?
What font style has been used?
What colour is it?

Pictures / Images
How many images have been used?
Describe how the images have been laid out on the page.

How many columns of information are there?
What kind of font has been used?
What size font has been used?
Is it easy to read?
Describe where it has been put on the page and how it has been laid out.

Extra Analysis
Describe where the white space is on the design.
List the colours that have been used in the design.

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