Monday, May 21, 2018

Description Burgers

I have been doing product analysis exercises with my Year 11 students all together on the board. What I want to move on to is using sentences rather than stand alone words and comments. We have been reading the exemplars from the NZQA website about the standard we are working on so the students have more of an idea about what the expectations are.
I have been putting together lots of useable worksheets and activities about using SOLO Taxonomy for a while now so I thought I would adapt one of those to use.

I have a blank description burger on a Google Drawing that I thought we could adapt and use for product descriptions. I adapted this burger drawing from one that is in The Writing Book.
I used this to make an example to show the students and take them through the process.

After talking to Cheryl (the school's specialist classroom teacher) about my plan and showing her my initial scribbles on paper,  she gave me some great links and ideas that I could include.
One of these was this document, the Q-matrix, with focus questions.

I used this to help me put together this support document for the students, where they could take questions from here to help them when doing their own burgers.

I put all of this support material into the class Google Plus Community so it was easily accessible. I also supplied 3 simple images that they could choose from for their descriptions if they had trouble deciding on one for themselves. As usual, too much time was spent on this decision than the important parts of the task!
Today was a single period, so the students have not quite completed their burgers. When I see them next, they will finish them off then make short videos on the class iPads, explaining their burger so they are verbalising their analysis and descriptions as well as typing them.

Here is a video of the start of the lesson where I was going through my example.

Here is a short clip of the students getting underway with this exercise.

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