Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Planning for Teaching and Learning

At the moment, the principal and other members of the senior management team are meeting with all of the Heads of Department to keep a constant overview on how things are going across all of the departments in terms of student achievement.
As a result of this, the Technology Department was complimented today on our pedagogy tables. When I asked the principal which tables she was referencing, it was the work in the Department Portfolio that we did as the beginning of the year.

This is my section that I filled in about DVC. I have copied this from the department portfolio and I have not linked to everyone's sections as that is their own work.

The review section is normally done at the end of the year, but I thought seeing as it had been highlighted, I would see where i am up to at this point of the year.

1b. Planning for Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning Strategies : The Keys – Effective Pedagogy

Design & Visual Communication (DVC) - Graphics : Ferguson

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  1. Well done Karen. Reflection has always been a huge strength of yours. I know some days we can feel overwhelmed by the grind. All the more reason to celebrate the successes, even if those successes seem small on the grand scale of things!

    1. Thank you. I might just leave this reflection on the document then add to it at the end of the year when we usually do the feedback. Maybe another in between to track how its going through the year as it is difficult sometimes to remeber everything at the end.