Thursday, June 7, 2018

Environmental Designing with Year 9 Students

My Year 9 class are designing drinks cartons. There is a lot of good design content we can cover with juice cartons - lettering, colour, 3D shapes, characters layout etc...
They have done one of their designs and before they moved on to more designs today, we watched some YouTube videos about how plastic straws are affecting the environment, especially life in the oceans.
We then talked about the fact that when you buy a single serve drinks carton, there is a straw already attached, so you don't get a choice not to have it.
So my challenge them them is to continue their design ideas thinking about how to create a juice carton that dies not need a straw.

I am letting them work in teams for this and want them to display their final designs and research on boards, "science fair" style at the end of the project.

To help them, I have created a Google Drawing with readings, videos and links on so they can split up the jobs that need doing within their teams so it all gets done. I have put this onto the class site for them to access when they want. The links on the Google Drawing will then work easily as it is embedded.

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