Thursday, March 26, 2020

Teaching Online - Day 3

I was lucky today. I got to see two of my Year 11 girls this morning and 2 of my Y13 boys this afternoon. I also got an insight into the "other stuff" going on for the kids and it made me even more certain to not add to that pressure.
There was a lot of family noise in one of the houses and they were having a hard time concentrating. Their internet connection wasn't too hot today either so that was adding to it. They kept apologising for things taking a while and their stream kept freezing. There must have been a lot of strain on the internet today as mine dropped off too when I was talking to my Y13 boys this afternoon. Our DP, Mr Dunn, dropped in on that lesson so it was good to see him. One of my students was showing him his work and we were chatting about possibilities.
I have one more day of "lessons" tomorrow then we are off for the term break which has been brought forward.

A highlight from today
When I had to "visit the other room", I could hear the girls talking to each other. One was showing the other what to do via a screen share. Very proud.

Here are two of my lovelies today. It is so good to see their faces or hear their voices.
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