Thursday, February 9, 2017

Getting NCEA classes organised at the start of the year...

It is always a bit full on at the start of a new year. students settling into new years, classes and courses. Getting the routines down so the rest of the year can be as smooth as possible.
Part of what we have been doing in Design and Visual Communication this week, is setting up the student's new sites to put all of their design work on.
What we have been doing this week is part of the way that I want to support students to be more self managing within a multi level NCEA class.
I made template sites for them this year. All the students know how to make a site now, so to save some time and give them a scaffold as to what to put in each project online, I made templates.

Here are the links to the templates :-
I was a bit more free with the Level 3 template and not so descriptive of what goes where on purpose.

I like to keep all the links to the student's work all on one spreadsheet so I can keep on top of where they are in a project and an easy link to all of their work.

As well as this spreadsheet that makes it easier for me to see the whole picture, the students have individual tracking sheets for each project.
I put links to these on my over view too so I can easily see where the students think they are up to.
Here is where they are on the class site :-
Level 1  Level 2  Level 3
I hope that this helps the students have the confidence to realise when they have done everything and conversely, when there is still work to complete.

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