Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Health and Safety PD

No one wants a disaster to happen but it is good to be prepared. We had health and safety PD this morning so we know what to do in case of evacuation or lock down.

Notes from the session here :-

Health and Safety PD - Wednesday 1st February 2017

How to approach emergencies, both natural and man made.
Start at the top and scale it down not the other way round.
Fire alarm is the evacuation alarm - fire, earthquake, bomb threat etc…. Move to the field (you don't know at the time of the alarm what the emergency is).
Follow the procedure until it is proved otherwise. SLT to give the word to go back.

Lock down - response to threat from outside the school.
Decision for lock down is only made by SLT - intermittent ringing of the bell - on / off for about a minute.
Everyone on the floor, away from doors and windows. On stomachs, lying down. Phones off. No noise. Stay there until instructed otherwise.
Teachers quick check of adjoining areas. Lock doors in classroom. Lights off. Curtains, blinds open.
Probable max 15 time - emergency services to assist in that time.
Longer than that - a message will come round to get up but everything else stays the same.
Noise and movement - these are the key things to keep down as this is a proved aggravating factor.
Interval / outside - stop noise and movement - students to go to the nearest building then everything is the same.
Duty staff - opening doors - staff inside, open doors and help.
No role taken as students are in different places if coming in from outside.
Admin area shut down - lights off - Russel’s room is control room - SLT is there.
Contact to the police is from there.

Email will be sent to staff. Have your device on the floor with you.
SLT will decide what information leaves the school to the community.
Emails and texts out to the community to explain the lock down. Information on the website ???

End of lock down is a member of SLT coming round to each area to tell you personally.
Might return to normal or we could evacuate to the field so we can assess we have all the students.

Communication from staff out of the lock down room - email or if big threat, phone 111.
No laptop - stay where you are until SLT contact you, do not go looking for contact.

There will be a whole school assembly presentation then a series of practices will be organised.

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