Monday, February 6, 2017

Visible Teaching and Learning - Calendars

After seeing the students for the first time at the end of last week, tomorrow is the first full teaching day for me. So that has meant me doing the "P" word tonight...... planning!!!

On my class Google Site, I have calendars embedded for all the year levels. These calendars include an overview of the year, where tasks slot in over the year in a broad sense. They also include individual appointments for each class, where specific lesson details, instructions and links can be added on a daily basis.
Here are links to the embedded calendars :-
Year 9, Year 10, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3

I have also embedded a calendar on my site that has all the class calendars on it so it is easy to refer to as an overview.

Using the description box when you make an appointment on Google Calendars means that you get a very useful, filled in drop down when you click on an appointment when the calendar is embedded.

Clickable links and coloured headings can is included by using this very simple and handy bit  of html in the description box ....

<font color="red">USEFUL SITES</font>
<a href=“url”>Title</a>

Here is an example of the html used in the drop down shown here :-
I have used coloured headings <font color="color">Title</font> for the task titles and  useful sites header.
I have used the <a href></a> to include useful links for the classes to access easily.

<font color="blue">Task 1</font>
You need to look at the choice of 3 architects. On the project page, there are examples of their work and some other information to browse through.
Make sure you have a good look at the work as you will spend a long time using this work as a reference for your own. When you have made your choice, fill in the form on the page so your teacher has a record of your choice.

<font color="blue">Task 2</font>
Collect images of your chosen architect's work.
Arrange these images onto a google slide show ( 1 image per page ). Make sure this slide show is public and share it into the Level 1 Google Plus Community and put it onto your DVC portfolio site.

<font color="red">USEFUL SITES</font>
<a href="">Choosing your Architect</a>
<a href="">Level 1 Google Plus Community</a>

I am going to explain all of this planning and where to find it to the classes tomorrow. I also plan on copying and pasting the daily planning into the Google Plus Class Communities so that it is in multiple places for the students to access. (years 10-13 in this case).
This will be extremely useful for my senior classes especially. I have one class that is a mix of NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3 and a the other class is a mix of NCEA Levels 1 and 2. Having the planning accessible, easy to find and in multiple places will hopefully enable the students to get straight on with things as soon as they get to the class, and not have to wait for me running round after 2 or 3 different classes in the same room.

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