Thursday, December 4, 2014

Crowd Source Research

I have made a start on the planning of my Level 1 and 2 courses for next year, where they are set up MOOC style, with all the steps there for the students to work on in their own time.
Link here ( note.... not complete !!! )

Part of this thinking has been to see what other difference I can make to how I had my DVC site laid out for the students before.
I had everything all together in one place, the instructions, the resources, the examples, everything.
This proved to be a little confusing with the content being too much to search through.
Link to the old site here

My plan for this year is using a blog for the research, content, information etc and keeping the "mooc" site for the step by step instructions to keep it clean for the students to understand.
Link to the blog here

The first part of this blog idea is that the students can search here first fro information about their project.
There will be information, videos, extra links to find out more etc.. This will be the launch pad for the rest of their research on a certain topic.

The other part of this blog idea is the tab along the top labelled "Team Talk". This is a page on the blog with a comment section a the bottom where they can write.
I want this to be the area where the students can add interesting bits of research that they find while doing their projects. 
These can then be added to the main blog for everyone else to access and use.
It will eventually become a "crowd sourced" research area.

I decided to do this idea as a blog rather than use the Google Plus community for this too, as it is easier to set up the labels and search functions on a blog, as their will eventually be a lot of labels and this may become unmanageable in a community.

I have embedded and linked this blog on the class site so the students have easy access to it.