Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rewindable Learning ...

Our Year 10 students have started their NCEA Level 1 courses already, and in Design and Visual Communication, we have got straight into the first project and have started researching the work of a few different architects.
I went over in the lesson today what I wanted them to do and did the traditional, all round the front, showing them how. As usual, some got it straight away, some plodded and some still hadn't finished at the end.

I am going to be using our class Google Plus Community a lot more for "rewindable learning" opportunities.
The plan is to do this in a number of ways :-

  • step by step screen shots
  • screen casts
  • videoed skills sessions using my new drawing board / camera set up. 
Here is a link to our DVC Level 1 community.

I have already added screencasts on the class site about setting up and using their online portfolios
Link here
I had also made a start at thinking in this direction earlier in the year with my Y10 group..
Example 1 step by step
Example 2 - using the drawing board to record skills

I decided today to make a screen shot step by step so they can have another go / complete what they started / remind themselves etc... as it is 2 days till I see them next. It is also good as there were a couple of students who missed the lesson today so they can keep uo with what we did today.

Here is today's rewind ....

I feel that this fits in very nicely with everything that I have been doing over the last two years in regards to blended learning and online MOOC style learning.
It will give the students much more opportunities to try again in their own time and keep up.