Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Know your learner - Looking at the figures

I am looking at the achievement of my Year 11 group from when they last did testing which was when they did their AsTTle and PAT tests at the end of Year 10.


This tests their reading and writing and gives an idea of what curriculum level they are working at.
Students going into Year 11 should be working at Level 5 / 6 on the curriculum according to the National Curriculum guidelines. Leaving Year 10 on a Level 5 ready to start Level 6 standard work at NCEA Level 1.

Here are the levels that my my class are working at :-
There are two students who are at the nationally expected level with the rest of the class ranging all the way down the levels, with about half of them sitting on about Level 2.
This gives me more of a push to support the literacy and vocabulary of this class so that they can achieve in my lesson. We will be working together on activities and supporting each other to gain understanding.

PAT Test

This test was done by the Maths department.
At any given level, the average should be sitting at a Stanine 5 on the graph, as shown in this diagram.

Here are the scores from my group.
The standard curve is in the red dotted line. My class distribution is shown by the thicker blue line.
3 of my students are at the average or above it while the rest are below the average. The shift of my class's graph is to the correct (ish) shape but below average.
We measure and use number to scale images and drawings. Proportions and sizes are used a lot too. Support and structuring will be needed for these elements of the course.

Here is how the class numbers break down with ethnicities.
The green shows the students who are at or above the expected level for that year group.

141B3CI Maori