Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Preparing for Jumpstart

Half way through this term, our Year 10 students move up into Year 11 and start their NCEA Level 1 courses. The standard we for this last year was the one that was moderated externally this year and I had PD and support this year to improve my planning. As a result of this PD, I am doing a Technology stand for Jumpstart instead of my usual DVC one. 
AS91057 - Implement basic procedures using resistant materials to make a specified product
We are going to design and make a pull along toy that will be made on the laser cutter and our theme will be Steam Punk.

I have put everything for the project onto a new site where I have broken it down into individual tasks. As part of the planning, I have been picking the brains of a fellow teacher of DVC who has taught this standard and he has made sure that I have covered everything that I need to as this standard is a new one for me.

When I plan a new project, I always like to work through all the activities that the students have to do myself. This gives me an idea of time scale, where any speed bumps might occur and has the added bonus of giving me examples to show them before they start.
As the theme is steam punk, I thought I would have a try at drawing on brown paper. I am really enjoying this so have bought the students lots of brown paper, sketch books, marker pens and coloured pencils. I am making examples of the design tasks that they have to do as well as making some skills sheets to see how the new media work together. This is where I am up to at the moment with this.

I like the fact that this planning is giving me lots of new ideas and techniques that I can use with my other classes.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Manaiakalani Class OnAir Lesson 12 - Class Presentations

Link to Manaiakalani Class OnAir to see the whole team.

Link to Extended Lesson Plan Here

Direct Instruction

I took the students through an example of talking about a design development of a mobile phone. I talked about what I had done, why I had done it and the effect the changes had.

Class Site Content
Random number generator

I used the Google random number generator and then put these numbers to where the students names are on Kamar. This list was written on the board so they could see where they were in the sequence.

Google Plus Community

I have put the videos here for the students to access. They can put them on their portfolio sites as evidence of analysis.

Learner Generated Content

Talks about the development of his virtual reality headset design.

Talks about the development of her virtual sword / cosplay design.

Talks about the development of his communication device worn on the wrist.

Talks about the development of his hand held game controller design.

Talks about her hologram ring design.

Talks about his fitness watch design.

Talks about his fitness watch design.

Talking about his gaming ear piece.

Manaiakalani Class OnAir Lesson 11 - Design Development Timelines

Link to Manaiakalani Class OnAir to see the whole team.

Link to Extended Lesson Plan Here

Direct Instruction
The instruction was in two parts, over different lessons. To start with, the students are laying out their design developments in the order that they completed them so you can see the progression that they have gone through.
Then they are answering questions to explain what they did, why they did it and the effect these changes have.

Class Site Content

These are the support questions we had on the board during the analysis part of the task.

How will this design fit a person?

How practical is this design?

What could it possibly be made from?

How have I changed this design from the previous one?

What effect has this had on the design?

Learner Generated Content

Monday, September 17, 2018

It's all about Relationships

Manaakitanga and Whanaungatanga
These are words that are often said around the staffroom when we have PD around getting more out of the students.
It is difficult sometimes to see a way forward so it is good to look at what we are doing now to see what works and what needs more effort.

Where do I see myself in this?
I often have chats with the year level deans about the students that I have "soft spots" for and they quite often inform me that they are with the most unlikely students. They tend to be students who are more challenging for other members of staff to get a relationship with.

Student 1
When student 1 was in Year 10, he was a challenging boy and I made the conscious decision not to worry "too" much about the actual graphics work but focus on the relationship. He really enjoyed drawing and making things so I allowed him a lot of lee way about what he drew and made an effort to sit with him and talk about his work at regular intervals and why he was interested in what he was drawing.
He then chose to do NCEA Level 1 Design and Visual Communication with me. Again, I made a decision in my mind not to "push" him too hard, but accept what work he gave me and give him feedback about it. I sat with him at least once a lesson, listened to his stories from the weekend, talked about games, music, movies etc and supported him with the skills for his drawn work. I also made sure that his portfolio site was always up to date with his ongoing work so that he did not feel left out or behind the rest of the class. (I did this for him him, although I insisted that he sat there and watched and find his work in his Google drive while I did it).
Other progress that he made was putting his work into the Google Plus community when he had finished it. We post work there for the whole class to see, share and feedback on. It takes a bit of nagging on my part to get them to do this but by the end of the year, student 2 was posting his work straight away without anyone nagging him. I would know when my phone pinged an email alert from the community that he had done this. "thank you #$%^&*" I would say across the room, like I would to all the other students when they shared their work.
He started year 11 at Level 3B reading and 3P maths.
He ended the year with 22 internal credits and 3 external credits in DVC.
He started the Level 2 course with me the next year. This was going to be more of a struggle as there is a LOT more work at Level 2 then there is at Level 1. I got him to talk about his work to me and I would write down exactly what he said so he had evidence of analysis. It was not that he could not type it himself but if I left him to it, he would slide off into gaming and it would not get done.
Although student 1 left school before the end of Year 12, he did get 12 credits in DVC for the work he had completed there.

What did I learn? 
Relationship first. The work came then.

Student 2
Student 2 is in Year 11 and again he is one of those students where other members of staff do not have a good relationship with him. I have a big soft spot for him and he tends to get away with far too much in my lesson as I think he is funny.
I have spent the best part of the year trying to get him to finish something and he has been sitting on zero credits and one of the students in the "zone" in all the staff feedback sessions.
He has not finished the first project yet and we are onto a different one now. I have been banging my head against the wall trying to get him to come back to the after school catch up sessions I run on a Wednesday for the last two terms. He has come twice but most of the time he forgets.
He has got 16 credits in total for all of his subjects at the time of writing this and 3 of those are from DVC. So it is not just my lesson that he is struggling to complete work in.
He received those credits in DVC just last week when he finished the work for the rendering internal. I was sitting with him and showing the technique needed for each part of his design and he was completing a section at a time, following my broken down demos. As he was seeing design coming towards completion, there was definite change in his attitude, He wanted to finish it. He was seeing all the other lovely completed sheets from the other students and he wanted some of that.
Now he has those credits logged, his first words to me as he walks in the room are "what am i working on today miss?"

September is better late than never eh?

What did I learn?
Seeing achievement happen and seeing that he is just as good as the others in the class has given him confidence.

Student 3
This is  a totally different situation. Student 3 is a very polite, well spoken young man who gets on with all the teachers he meets.
His record says that he has passed Level 2, but a lot of those credits were achieved on an external course last year and he has achieved very few credits actually in lessons at school this year. I have spoked with a number of his teachers and we all seem to be struggling with the same thing, getting him to complete work.
In my lesson, he is doing Level 2 DVC and he did not do Level 1 last year. This is always a bit of a struggle but doable if you put in the effort. So far, he has not completed the first two assessments, shows no interest in coming back to the after school sessions each week on a Wednesday to catch up (although I do understand the commitments that he has after school), and we are currently on the big design project. Again he was showing little or no interest in completing anything until recently. We started making his models on the laser cutter and he saw how well his design work could come out in a well made model. I saw a light come on in his eye when his client was enthusiastic about his laser cut models. He is now keen to finish.
Even though he has not been working very hard, I have kept up the conversation with him, helping him with design work, talking about movies and what they did at the weekend etc on a Monday morning. I have been trying to work on the relationship even though sometimes I want to murder him for his lack of effort.
No one was more surprised than me when I found out today that he has chosen DVC again next year.
I know that this year was a "wasn't anything else on the option line" kind of thing so to know that he actually chose it for next year is great.

What did I learn?
Relationships matter to students who have commitments and expectations after school. They appreciate the connection even if they still don't put in the effort and complete the work!

Seeing your work come out at a good quality and having your client love it is a very motivating thing.

Then I get to my junior classes as a whole, but especially the Year 9 students.
I am not shy to admit that even after all this time (23 years teaching!!!), I still have a hard time with my junior classes.
The situation is that I see them for 1 single period and 1 double period a week, for 13 week rotations, so I see 3 different groups in a year.
I personally do not enjoy the rotations as I feel that I am just getting to know a group when they have to move on and I have to start again with a new group.
Students who I have known in their intermediate classes are fine but I find it difficult to connect with the other students over this short period of time only three lessons a week.

Questions I need to ask myself :-

  • Why do I clash with some of these students when I find it easy to connect with my senior classes?
  • Why do I have a better relationship with students who I have known in juniors once they get into the senior school?
  • Is it just the rotations?
  • Do I need that connection and relationship just as much as we say the students do in order to grow?
There is no easy answer to this but I had an interesting breakthrough today.
A group of students who I have not been getting along well with recently were in the class today. I sat with them and had a talk. I asked them if I had disrespected them in some way. They needed to tell me so I could apologise as it would not have been on purpose. I needed to know what I had done to deserve them treating me like they were. And of course that was not making me treat them in a fair way either as I was dreading going to the class. We had a really good, honest talk today. I told them how I was feeling today and asked them to tell me how they were feeling. I could not go on any more they way it was so it was not a big risk.
We agreed to move forward and not look back.

What have I learned?
I really need to work harder on the relationships in the junior rotations (especially the year 9's).
Be honest with them, they appreciate it.
Treat them with respect. (of course I do this but we are all human ).

Friday, September 14, 2018

Student Reaction to Moderation Feedback

I have been reading this book, Mindset by Carol Dweck.
I want to learn about this as I think it is a big stumbling block for my students as they are going though the design process.

  • The do not want to do multiple designs.
  • They want to do one then stop.
  • They do not like keeping any of their designs which they see as a failure - I have to keep an eye on them to not let them remove sheets from their sketchbooks that they don't think are up to scratch.
  • They get discouraged easily when they think their drawing "talent" is not good enough.
I have difficulty in convincing them that it is the process that we go through that is important and if they throw out everything they do not like then we have no process to show!

The students have been completing their first bite at standard AS91066 where they have to render their design work to show shape, form, light and shadow, materials etc.
I photographed their drawings, put them in a folder and sent them to a colleague in another school who moderates my planing and marking for me.

The feedback that we got was that some were ok, 3 students were going up a level and 4 students had work to do to reach the required level.
The students who received the "positive" feedback were very happy, especially those who had their grades increased. 
I was worried about the reaction of the students who needed to be told about the work that still needed doing ie ... their work "wasn't good enough". I didn't want them to feel discouraged as they all work hard.
I was a very proud Graphics teacher today. The students set to with the improvements that were suggested to them with absolutely no complaints or bad feelings. There was no mutterings or grumpy faces. They worked hard over the double period and three of the students completed everything needed while the other one is well on it's way. 
Now my challenge is to keep this growth mindset going and for the students to accept feedback on their design work for what it is, a productive process to help them improve.