Thursday, June 28, 2018

ISTE 2018 - Day 5 - Employ Design Thinking with 3D Printing While Learning to Code

There is a skills gap where people need work and the industry needs people.
They run toolkit’s through design thinking not through apps etc.
Find problems and then solve them with the design thinking process.
People focused - societal and cultural problems
Give students a scenario and they have to work out the problem themselves.
Virtual crash course
You need a beginners mind in the design thinking process.
1. The interview
2. Dig deeper - what are your questions - practical and social - don’t come with questions with answers already in mind. This questioning part is critical - how can we ask the right questions
3. Capture findings - fast ideas - cover the tables with roll paper / big paper so students can just write and draw on every surface while they are thinking.

Rapid prototyping is a game changer with this process.
It alloCws anyone with access to a printer to become a prototyper.

Cad competency needs building so this process is smooth and there is not a jolt / stop / problem in the middle.
Build cad skills based on something that exists not while having to think about designing as well to start with.
Reverse engineering what you see - really good for skills building
BlocksCAD - coding based design app for 3D printing.

On Tinkercad, click on edit grid and change the workplace size to be the size of the bed in the 3D printer.
scribble tool is freehand.
Just start to build - don’t have to log in
Do a snowman build to get skills.

Tells you what the print is doing step by step.
The slicer gets its time and amount of plastic values from the gcode.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

ISTE 2018 - Day 4 - Creating Incredible Lego Stories

Use photographs of LEGO set ups and write story on each slide.
Video with the stills to do voice over to tell the story.
Let them play and work together to make the sets. They will talk and collaborate on the story while they are working as they are talking about what sets they need.
Get in close with the camera to take the pictures.
Stop motion videos - more structured planning needed for storyboard.
Try to set up with no distractions like legs in the background.

ISTE 2018 - Day 4 - STEAM to the Future: 50 Years in 50 Minutes

50 years is a long time in tech development.
The gps satellite system did not exist 50 years ago but people working on similar things could see it coming.
1968 - 32k memory 8 thousand dollars.
The revolutions is more than about stuff - cultural changes
Everybody is able to make stuff due to 3D printers etc.
You can make your own products for re is one on the space station so they can print tools they need.
A connected world means you don’t have to do stuff alone. Things are taken from the net and improved.
The 10 year vision is happening now. The longer vision is the digital revolution.
Neil Gershenfeld - compute to fabricate.
Programmes that rearrange atoms.
You can make mistakes with small parts that fir together as one small part doesn’t matter. If you make big parts, they are critical.
Machines that can make other machines are coming.
Parts that make parts. These fit together to make systems. A lot fewer errors.
Material ecology.
Grow things rather than assemble them.
How does nature organize itself to build something. How can we copy this.
Buildings that are living things that react to the environment.
Synthetic biology.
Can we should we bring extinct animals back to life.
Open insulin project.
Igem- school based content for students x synthetic biology
Science standards need to change to fit the way developments are moving.
The scientific method does not apply to the designing of products. It is a testing process so room needs to be made for the new science.
The end of Moore’s Law
It has held true for 50 years.
The physical limits of transistors has been reached.
Bio is the new digital.
DNA sequencing is doubling just as fast.
AR and VR
It is becoming just another interface and is more and more commonplace.
Tilt brush
Live design
Doing things that are not safe. Will they steal jobs?
Robots are getting much smaller. Power of the swarm like termites.
AI and machine learning
You have to ask what intelligence actually is.
Stephen Hawking says AI can spell the end of the human race.
Silicon will not cut it soon and biological components will be needed.
People can change their minds. AI can’t do this yet.
Ethics is an important factor in this AI argument.
Google AI experiments - video
Scratch 3 has an AI experiment add on.
Internet of things
Exist on the net by themselves - like a car that texts you when it needs things.
Soon the machines will be able to order the stuff they need from the internet when it needs them. Like your printer ordering its own ink when it runs out.
Algorithm bias and ethics
How do the machines make the decisions? They are designed and made by people.
We cant let the machines make the decisions then blame the algorithm when we don’t like it.
How will the person writing the code for a self driving car decide how important things are?
Don’t forget the M
Maths has been frozen in time for a long time.
We focus on calculations, which machines can do, because of the tests that are expected.
Woolfram Alpha
Woolfram Language - video
More natural language is needed for maths in the future.

Faster, better, cheaper, bigger, smaller
Get the middle men out of the way. Let people do it themselves.

ISTE 2018 - Day 4 - Keynotes

Joseph South
Kids are live streaming all the time - socially and gaming.
The internet is their now not the future.

Luis Perez
Turn to the light
Assistive technology
Alex - synthesised voice on the Mac products that helps and does voice overs
Hope overcomes every barrier and this gave him hope when he needed it.
He does photography as a hobby.
He does it to stay visible - immigrant and person of color - it is a political statement.
Makes people reconsider their preconceived ideas about people with disabilities when they see him turn up with camera and white cane.
A smart phone can tell him how many people are in the frame.
Transport apps gives him independence.
Ebooks allow him to read again due to the ability to change settings and have it read to him.
Don’ t do for someone what they can do for themselves. Give the tools to empower people to do it themselves.

Andy Weir
Gillian King-Carlisle - Stem Read

Enjoy the process of learning new things. He tries to be scientifically accurate and does a lot of research.
Curiosity drives him to learn.
He learned problem solving as a software engineer.
Failure based learning. Being a writer involves a lot of failure.
Bungling into success.
A theme through his books is solving problems and working things out.

Katie Martin
What is learners were valued for their diverse talents?
Access new ideas through what they learn and not just for a test.
The difference in interest between things that interest them and make them curious rather than just for compliance.
Assessment is at odds against authentic learning.
As students move through school they have less chance to do things that interest them so they disengage.
Technology can not be added on to an outdated method of teaching.
Standardized linear structure to learning does not give students the ability to branch into what they want to do.
Focus on what’s right with people not on what is wrong.
We cant change what they come with but we can change what happens when we see them.
Spark curiosity
Ignite passions
Unleash genius
People and not programmed make this happen.

Monday, June 25, 2018

ISTE 2018 - Day 3 - Fake News, Media Bias and Misinformation: Fostering Digital Literacy and Media Fluency

When was it written and where does it come from?
Students take things at face value.
Credibility and integrity.
Does it give a reaction is it propaganda?
Compare it to others that have a different perspectives.

Play the game - it has rounds and you get a percentage.

Check the url when reading to make sure you are reading the correct information form the correct site as copy sites use the logo etc, but the url is different.
Reverse image search - right click on image and choose search image.
Or drag and drop into search engine.

Link to presentation for the grea speaker notes from the two presenters.