Thursday, December 1, 2016

Visible Learning - A Tour Round my Class Site

Student made Rewindable Learning

When our Year 10 students started their Jump Start courses, I made them a new site especially for these 4 weeks. It is full of all the skills we will need through next year to take us into merit and excellence.
Part of this site is the Ako Ngātahi page, where I am talking about the students making their own digital learning objects (DLOs), that they can use to embed their own skill knowledge and teach others how to do something.

In our double period today, we made a start on this. We have had 2 and a half weeks of skills so far so the students had to choose which one they wanted to break down.
I eventually want them to use the drawing projector that I made so they can record themselves drawing and rendering. Today, we made step by steps on Google Slides.
I then made a new blog specially for this work so the students can upload their skills work over the year. This blog is going to be for all year levels.
There were 2 examples uploaded today, with more "in progress".
Link to this blog here
My hope for this work is that in the process of teaching someone else how to do something, the student's skills are cemented.