What is the plan for my MIT 2015 project?

I plan to see how the use of online courses ( in a MOOC style ) can affect student outcomes.

This will be in terms of :-

1) Starting the DVC course early, in Year 10.

2) Doing the online components in their own time at Level 1 and 2 and using more of the class time for group analysis work and skills practice, as it is these elements that will gain the higher levels of achievement for the students.

3) Offering the courses to students who do not have space on their timetable due to other option choices.

This is in line with the Manaiakalani goals of ubiquitous learning at any time and of raising overall achievement. It will also give students agency of their own learning as they work at their own pace on the online modules over the year.

Here are the blog posts that are to do with my MIT15 research.

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