Here are presentations that I have prepared content for.

GAFE Summit North 2016

Monday 16th April 2016 - Hobsonville Point Secondary School

I presented about using TinkerCad in the classroom.

Presenting at the Manaiakalani Hui

Friday 21st August 2015

The annual Manakalani Hui was held at the Panmure Boat Club this year and my fellow MIT teachers and I presented our research to date.
Here is my presentation about online courses and achieving credits outside of the classroom.

Here is the link to my presentation if you want to see the speaker notes.

GAFE Summit North 2015
Wednesday 15th April 2015 - Albany Senior High School

I teamed with +Arna Metcalfe to present about using Google Plus Communities to improve engagement, literacy and understanding in a secondary school class room.

Link to presentation to view slide notes


Future Education and Technology 2015
Wednesday 25th March 2015 - Ellerslie Convention Centre

I was part of a team of 4 presenting for Tamaki College.
Link to whole presentation here

My part was about using Google Plus Communities in a secondary school classroom.

Link to presentation here to view slide notes


ulearn 2014
Rotorua October 2014


Maniakalani Annual Hui - 22/08/14

Link to presentation with speaker notes here.


Manaiakalani Learning and Change Hui 2014
This presentation is prepared for the Manaiakalani Learning and Change Hui to show the work I have been doing this year in regards to blended learning.


Manaiakalani / Woolf Fischer research to inform MOE Learning and Change Networks 
June 2014

Link to website

I was asked to create resources for the LCN presentations based on the finding :-

Behavioural & Cognitive Engagement
#12 Synchronising tutoring: the digital environment allows for a much closer match between what teacher and learner is doing – much closer pacing – e.g. teacher can quickly respond to learner demonstration of learning through viewing their work live through a dashboard and give immediate feedback. “a closer dance”

The purpose of these resources is to show how this is being done in a secondary school environment.

Differentiation using Google Apps and Teacher Dashboard.

Audio Graphic Novel

This is to show how we work in Design and Visual Communication at Tamaki College.
We work in a "blended" manner, to combine work on paper and our online work.

Here are the audio tracks that go with each page ...

Interview with Aidan
Aidan is a Year 11 student doing Level 1 Design and Visual communication.
In this interview, he is being asked questions about how he produces his work for the lesson.

Aidan - Take 2
This is a second try with Aidan to try and get him to talk more.

Workflow Screencast by Fiu (edited)
This is a 2 minute edited version of the workflow screen cast made by Fiu, a Year 11 student doing Level 1 Design and Visual Communication.

MIT Blended Learning Presentation with Voice Over
This is a version of my MIT presentation made into a video with a voice over so it could be used by the LCN.


ULearn 2012
One to One in a Decile One Community

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