Sunday, November 4, 2012

Loving ToonDoo

I was recently introduced to Toondoo by Nolene at work. It was one of those things that you have a little go of when you are first introduced, and think...hmmm...ok.
Then I started giving it a proper go when I was after some more interesting graphics for the cyber safety site I am putting together. It is a really good online activity that has all sorts of uses, from the simple ideas that I made for the top of some of may pages, to getting across a point, to asking questions on a page in a visual way. ( being a Graphics teacher, I am always a fan of finding the visual way :D )
Here is where I used one of the headers I made, for my Graphics Google site.
I can't put up a link to the Cyber safety site yet as it is not open yet... ( work in progress !! ), but here is one of the toons I made for that site.

Toodoo gives you the option to embed your toon from their site or download it to your computer.
It also gives the embed code for this little widget here, showing all the toons you have made.

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