Monday, March 4, 2013

Interested in the Statitstics

Seeing who is having a look at the school blog that I have been involved in for the past 5 years has always interested me. I have installed a ClusterMap and a Feedjit feed on any blog since then, as they give both real time feeds and overviews of who visits and where in the world they are from.
This is on top of the rather cool stats that you get on a blog now, that is a built in feature.

 Doing this on a Google site is not quite so easy.
First of all, you have to go into the settings and enable statistics for the site.

You need to click the "learn more" so that you can be directed to the Google analytics page, where you can get a code to put in your settings. You also get a piece of html code to put on your site. This is easy, as it just goes at the bottom and is not even seen as it works in the background.
So, I have done this for my Graphics site, which is my main teaching site, and for the Digital Footprints site, which is the cyber safety one.
Some interesting readings have been coming through recently for the cyber safety site, which pleases me in a couple of ways. The students have been introduced to it over the last couple of weeks, a few at a time and the site has also been given to the rest of our Manaiakalani cluster as a suggestion for teachers to use as training.
I think people have been looking!!!
What pleases me the most is that the average time was nearly 9 minutes, so they had a good smooch about while they were there. It makes all the work feel worthwhile.

If you want to look....

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