Saturday, July 27, 2013

Holiday PD.....

I have been on some great subject PD over the holidays. It was a 2 day PD for DVC
( Design and Visual Communication ), and we covered rendering on the first day and technical drawings on the second day.
I got a lot out of the rendering day, as I have never used the proper marker pens to produce work before, so I have been busy putting the new rendering skills I picked up this week into practice on the Level 1 project that they are just onto. The project they are on with is designing a mobile phone, and we have previously used coloured pencils to render the final designs to look like plastic and glass. This was then photographed and put into Photoshop to create a presentation sheet.

This year, I want my level 1 students to use the skills that I have just learned. The person in charge of the course this week says that using these skills well will get the students up into the merit / excellence range, which is really good news.
So how do I intent to use Google for this?
I have produced a sample for the students to see, and photographed each stage. These photographs have been put into a Google presentation and put onto the Graphics Google site for the students to access. I have always demonstrated how to produce drawings in front of the class so they see the process from the start. It is good to be able to put the steps online for the students to use out of the class room for practice.

It would be good, once the students get to grips with this technique, is if they made their own "how to" presentations for next year's students.

Paul, who ran the course, was also using a great bit of kit. An over head camera on a drawing board, connected to the projector. This projected everything he was drawing onto the board.
Do I want one of those???... oh yes...

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