Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Focussing on the Positive

As a school, we are focussing on PB4L - Positive Behaviour for Learning, and we have recently had an opportunity to go to some Functions of Behaviour workshops.
I have been trying to put some of this into practice recently as I have a new Year 10 group on their Technology rotation.
Some of the points that I have been trying to include in these first few lessons are :-

  • building up and complementing the positive behaviours
  • highlighting really good work
  • highlighting good attitudes
  • ignoring the off task behaviours ( this one is killing me !! )
  • getting close to the students who are off task and chatting with them quietly about their work
  • giving quiet "thumbs up" signals to students who are just getting on with their work, when I catch their eye
Things that I have changed from my original scheme of work to accommodate this class  (we are only week 2 into the new rotation so far) :-
  • We are still drawing, instead of being online yet, as they seem to like drawing.
  • The spider diagram of ideas for a lift the flap book are being drawn instead of being done on a Google drawing, as they like drawing. We are then scanning them in as they complete them and adding them to a Google Plus album.
What I have found :-
  • Students who are off task are getting back on track by about half way through without me nagging them as they are seeing the rest of the class doing it. (This is about 2-3 students out of a class of 20). If I am being honest here, this is the part that I am finding the hardest to do. This ignoring the off task behaviour and not making an issue of it is difficult, but as I am finding that the feeling in the class is calm because of this, I will keep this in my head and keep going!!
  • Students are telling their maths teacher, who they get before my lesson, that they are excited to be going to Graphics. That is good and I want this to continue. Another good reason to keep my wobbles to myself and keep moving forewords. I want Year 10 students to enjoy my subject if I want them to consider it at Level 1 next year.
  • A calm lesson with some very nice work being produced so far.
  • A calm and easy tidy up at the end.
  • The students are getting their folders straight off the front table as they come in and are sitting down and getting on with it without being told anything.
I am finding these lessons enjoyable, because I am not nagging at them, but really tiring as I am "ON" for the full time. When we (the class and me) get into a routine, I am sure it will be easier, but I really am not minding at the moment as I am not ending each lesson struggling and I hope it will continue that way.


  1. Kia Kaha Kia toa. Be brave and soldier on as its easy to focus on the negative behaviour which is not only draining but spoils the classroom atmosphere.

  2. Makes me want to pop in for a look :)