Thursday, April 30, 2015

Site Design - Template 1

I had a really interesting conversation as we were having our after school toolkit sessions yesterday. We were working on our site designs, and I was chatting with a colleague from a local primary school and she was wanting a site design that did not use tabs across the top or a side bar as it was too fiddly for her very young class. She just wanted button navigation for them on the class site.
This got me thinking about site design a subject. There are so many different ways of doing a class site using Google sites. It is just a case of thinking about your user and how they are going to be using the site and tailoring it to fit.
So this in turn got me thinking about doing a series of different design templates.

Here is the first one that I have tried.
I have taken all the navigation off ( no side bar or horizontal navigation tabs ). I have also removed the header so that custom headers can be placed on each page.
I have made this site a template if you want to use it, just click the bar at the top. When you have your own copy, you can get into the settings and see how it is made and laid out. The link for the folder of documents is down below.
I made page 1, linked off button one on the home page, then I made that a page template so that I didn't have to worry about sizing the Google drawing at the top every time I made a new page. All I have to do to make a new page is to choose the page template and change the link to a different google drawing ( if i want a different one at the top ).
All of the buttons are made on Google Drawing and either embedded as a drawing (in the case of the page headers, so the moving gifs work) or saved out as images and the images linked as buttons.
Here is the link to the folder of documents if you want to use them.

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