Thursday, September 8, 2016

Having a go at Sketchnoting with Year 7's...

I got my new Year 7 Technology class rotation this morning.
We discussed the project that we are going to do, looked at an example and looked at the laser cutter that they are going to use for the production of their design.
What I normally do with a class then, is go through all the jobs needed to complete the project. This is normally in the form of a flow chart or a spider diagram.
After having a go at sketchnoting myself at a meeting earlier in the year, blog post here, I thought it might be fun to try doing it with a class.
My class this morning had not done it before. I got them to look up what sketchnoting was on the internet and they found lots of great examples. We then went over how fast you have to draw to keep up, so details and spending ages making things look realistic was not an option. Stick men and simple drawings!!
Seeing as this was their first time, I went through it on the board with them. They had leeway to go their own way on how to do it and images to use if they wanted.
I also wasn't bothered about their drawing skills and didn't want them wasting time worrying about this so some of them traced images from their chromebook screens.
We also talked about the direction of the information so it could be read and understood.
Here is my board example.

Here are some of the sketchnotes the students did today ...
It was an interesting exercise with them. Some spent far too long on the title image (with the wings), so ran out of time to finish. Some went their own way with images. Some decided colour is better!!
It was good getting them thinking quickly and visually.

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