Saturday, November 18, 2017

Rewind to Remind

After analysing the internal NCEA Design and Visual Communication results this year, I realised that the main problem for the "not achieved" results was not the quality of the student work but the fact that it is unfinished. I know there are lots of reasons for students not coming to school but the problem still remains for them to complete their work.
I thought I would start to try and address this in some way right from the start, during these 4 weeks of Jump Start. All of the new NCEA Level 1 class have joined the class Google Plus Community. I have made a new section in this community called "Rewind to Remind" and I have started putting videos of the lesson instruction sections of the lessons. I have got used to recording myself over the year due to being part of the 2017 Manaiakalanai Class OnAir team, so thought it would be no biggie to have the camera out all the time, and hook it up to record at the "instruction" parts of the lessons. These videos can be uploaded to YouTube and shared through to the class community with no editing required. The students can then look at these if they need to if thy can't remember the class instruction or if they were not there that day.

Link to Level 1 Community
Link to Rewind to Remind filter in the Community

I will keep this going for a while and then get some feedback from the students to see what they think about how helpful it is or isn't.

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