Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Describe with Year 10

My Year 10 class have started their design project and need to do some product analysis of existing products. To help them with this I decided to do some literacy exercises with them today.

I put all of the resources they needed for this on the class site. I have made a space especially for literacy like I have with my Year 11 group. I plan to do this for all year groups to hopefully emphasise the importance of these literacy exercises that we will be doing.

The class had to get into groups of 2 or 3 so they could support each other through this activity and work together.
They had to make a copy of the Google Slide and share it with members of the team.

We were focussing in on the multistructural part of SOLO Taxonomy, so by indicating the poster in my room, we had a discussion about using the word "black" for a colour was just labelling / identifying the colour not describing it. So that was not in the correct SOLO area.

The students worked well on this and tried hard with everything. Here is a selection of the work that they produced today. Interesting discussions / arguments were breaking out with different opinions that were being solved by some searching  / research on the internet.

After that, I gave out paper and pencils and we reversed the activity. I was shouting out words that they had to quickly draw illustrations for. The focus was not on the quality of their drawing skills at this point as I wanted them to concentrate on the words. 
I used words like "furry, spikey, humongous, metallic, square, cuboid, sphere".
If they did not know what a word meant, they were not allowed to ask me, they had to research on the internet quickly. We also discussed words that could be seen in different ways like "flat". Some students saw the paper they were drawing on. Some saw the road outside the classroom. Some saw a singing voice could be flat. 
I then got them to fill in boxes on a Google Drawing to give me some feedback about what they thought about working in teams and what they thought about doing literacy in Graphics.

Describing the objects was difficult because i got confused with shape and form

I think it was easy to work with my group because you don’t have to do all the work

It was algds working in a group because we got to choose who we wanted to work with which made it easy to talk about our ideas.Plus we work more better with friends then with others.

I think that working in a group has helped many students because they get more help and not only that working on literacy work during graphics has helped us not only for this option but also for our main subjects such as english.

I think the other group was copying us and they think they slick because they think they gots aways. 

My group was alguds cause we make the discussion and talk about the shape.

It was good working in a group because you have other people in your group to contribute their ideas.

My thoughts about working in a group was a good choice because you have one another to help you out and this activity was easy to work on in my group because my team and I are scholars.

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