Friday, June 7, 2019

Causal Chain

In our last CoL meeting, we talked about causal chain of events.
What do we need to happen in our student outcomes? What do we need to change in our practice in order for that to happen? What chain of events needs to be put in place for things to happen in the right order?


  1. Hi Karen

    This looks great – there is a clear logical progression. The following ideas are not needed for your diagram but I was thinking about how to flesh out the theory that developing their oral language will also lead to better writing. I totally think it can! I can see in your flow diagram that students will get more secure about their ideas and more confident in sharing these – both of these aspects should help with the writing content as they will get feedback about how clear their ideas are and get to practice presenting these in a low-stakes way. Other ways that I think this will help students improve their writing are through the development of subject vocabulary (as they use and listen to terminology and get feedback and proper terms to use) and by having an authentic audience and purpose (i.e. if they practice speaking to a client hopefully they will get better at using the kind of language (e.g. levels of formality) and ideas (e.g. selling points) that would be appropriate for that audience – this should transfer from speaking to writing.


    1. Thanks Aaron. I am hoping to build in that vocab work when we plan the notes and presentations. Linking to all the literacy work I did with my inquiry group last year.

  2. This is an element of your inquiry that is strong are changing your practice and doing something different and you have considered a range of sources to inform what you plan to change in your practice.
    ngā mihi nui,

  3. Thanks Fiona. I have got to try something different from the teacher side of things if I am wanting a different outcome from the students.