Friday, April 12, 2013


It is that time of year again when the moderation is returning.
I had to send a Level 1 standard and a Level 2 standard this year, and I was pleased with the summary that came back.
In an effort to move foreword with it all being online and "out there", I have made a moderation page on my DVC site. Most of the links to PDF documents are open to the world. The only one only viewable in the school domain is the cover sheet as it has the students full names on it.
I had fun using my new A3 scanner today, and I scanned in the Level 1 samples. I ran out of time to scan the Level 2 samples today, so that is a job for next week.
It will be good to get to a point where NZQA will accept submissions in this format instead of posting everything to them in HUGE envelopes, both for the external marking at the end of the year and the yearly internal moderation round.

Link to the moderation page here...

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