Monday, August 19, 2013

Using Glogster in Food Tech...

After the session last week on Glogster, we had a lot on interest in using it in the classroom.
Carol, the Food Tech teacher was very interested in its use in her subject so we had a go on Friday morning. While her intermediate class were busy with their practical work, I went round with a video camera, videoing the students doing all the steps in the recipe. and when Carol was doing the main skill demonstration of rubbing in, that was videoed too.
The 2 videos were quickly put together on iMovie and hosted on YouTube.

The Glogster was put together to be an interactive recipe, with the recipe in the traditional style, but the method done as a step by step video. The skills video is very similar to the style of recipe apps you can get on online with built in videos.
Carol is very happy with the outcome and intends to embed this onto her Google site. She is very keen to make more of these.

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