Sunday, October 20, 2013

Google Help Outs - Take 2

After the aborted attempt at signing up for Google Help outs a couple of weeks ago (blog post here), I have been meaning to phone them up and sort it out. Meaning to..... meaning I keep forgetting to....
So, they contacted me via email, which resulted in me having a phone conversation with a very nice lady who sorted me out with a sign up code for my personal email address.
They were very quick in getting back to me, and this morning I received the email regarding booking in for the "New Provider Introductory Session" hangout. There was one available an hour later, so I booked myself in. An hour of fussing about, shower, hair.....sigh... anyway...I was ready.
I clicked join hangout when the call came through and was promptly told I had to install a plugin for hangouts. Of course I had forgotten that this is my new laptop. So after clicking install and praying it wouldn't take too long, I was ready.
A couple of connection issues later and I was talking to Dillon in America. He asked me a few questions about what I was planning on offering and I asked him loads of  "how do I do this..... " type questions.
This was my first experience of a Google hangout. I am bad enough on Skype with my family, I can't look at myself on the screen. Talking to a complete stranger on video this morning, all I could focus on was the bit of hair that was sticking out from my head.
Note to self when I start ( if I get the OK ), don't look at yourself on the screen, concentrate on the problem in hand.

Here is a link to my Help Out. 
I don't know whether the link will work for others to see as it is "pending review".

They are not sure of a start up date yet. I presume they want to sign up a minimum number of people to offer Help Outs. It won't be long though, so I have to practice with some one on hangouts, sharing screens, sending files, etc, so I don't look like a complete spoon if they sign me up.

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