Sunday, October 6, 2013

Google Help Outs

I was  all ready this morning for my Google Help Outs interview. I had been very excited to receive the email with the invite code, so I went straight on and put in the details for my proposed Help Out. I am aiming to do help with GAFE stuff, as that is what I do anyway!!
They got back to me with possibilities for the interview and I was scheduled in for 10.15 this morning.

So.... hair done, looking semi respectable (for a Sunday morning!), I was ready when the reminder ping went for the hangout.
Then it all hit the fan.

The school domain doesn't support hangouts. (It is set to on in the admin dashboard, but I think the hangouts thing is set higher up.)
I couldn't use my personal gmail account as the invite code is non transferrable.
I couldn't get in contact with the guy on the other end.

I was looking at the "waiting" indicator on the hangout notification.
Then I had to click the cancel button for it. I felt so rude to the person sat on the other end!!
You can't email them, you have to phone. On weekdays.
So tomorrow, the plan is to phone them to see if they will extend the invite to my personal account.

I have just come in from the garden, taking out my frustration on the weeds.

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