Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Analysing Design Applications

I took the second day today of the 8 Manaiakalani research days that I can have this year.
I decided to use it to try and assess and analyse some online design apps and I decided to get a small group of students to help me to do this.

I sent them all this document with a selection on online programmes and chrome apps for them to test and try out. They had to try and design something with these tools and see how easy they were to use.
Link to document

Between them they had Asus netbooks, Samsung chrome books, and we used PC desktops and Apple desktops.
They had to see if the apps we were looking at could be used on a variety of devices to make sure they were useable for lots of different situations.
Here is a link to the students' analysis sheets that they filled in as they went.

Here is Fiu, being comfortable on a beanbag set up on 3 chairs, testing out the same app on a desktop and a netbook.

In the afternoon, we decided to try out some iPad apps.
Here are the ones that were tested and tried out :-
Homestyle 3D

A big hit was the Tayasui sketches app as it was easy to draw with and very realistic looking when you are sketching.
Doodle Buddy was popular but maybe not detailed enough for the higher levels in design work.
Autodesk always provides good design tools and it is good to see them available in an iPad format.

Overall, a very productive day with some good outcomes and some disappointments. A key question came through. How can a really good app like 3D Design Something, which we all rated as really good and easy to use and is totally online, not work on the netbook? Frustrating.
The iPad app test has made me want to use the iPads in DVC so I need to go shopping for some stylus pens.

Mino and Jarna working hard
Nathaniel trialling apps and giving feedback

Pizza for lunch. Have to feed the troops...

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