Friday, April 4, 2014

Design Words

My students have to use the correct design language when they are talking about, and analysing their work. They have to know about the main design principles and elements that they have used. It is always the weakest point of the process, so I have made a collection of the words we need to use the most and tried to illustrate them and explain them as simply as I can.
Maybe in between projects, or as a break mid way through a longer project, they could make their own design words pages with their own definitions on them. I have made these on PicMonkey, and the students all know how to use that programme. I have to be able to get them to start using these words in a more natural and less forced way, then when they get to the notes and analysis part of their work, it flows more than it does at the moment. Maybe they could have a ongoing slide show of their own embedded into their DVC portfolio sites and keep adding to it as they learn more words and meanings.

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