Friday, May 23, 2014

Climbing the SAMR Ladder

We have been involved in an interesting activity at school recently where we have been looking at what we are doing in our teaching practice regarding online learning. Part of that assessment process involved looking at the activities that we are doing and where they fit onto the different levels on the SAMR ladder.
Here is what I thought that I could put on each stage of this ladder. This table is part of the from that the school gave us to fill in. We had to put our input into the last column.

Evidence (Link)
Technology acts as direct tool substitute, with no functional change.
Examples may include; digital copy of notes/handbooks.
All of the instructions and resources are stored online rather than on paper.
Everything that I used to give the students on photocopied handouts is now on the site for them to reference.
Technology acts as direct tool substitute, with functional improvement.
Examples may include; use of google forms for pre/post tests etc. Use of go animate/glogster/  collaboration using Teacher Dashboard.
Use of gafe products for various collaborative/group activities. These activities have been enhanced by being able to collaborate with each other online and by getting quick teacher feedback.
Technology allows for significant task redesign.
Examples may include;
animated tasks/use of google maps/video.
Level 1 layout exercise - analysing each others work in a Google Plus community. The students upload their design work to the community and allow others to comment on it. They take the comments of others to structure the analysis of their own work.
Technology allows for the creation of new tasks, previously inconceivable.
Examples may include; cross curricular/virtual tours/Google+.
Level 1 online course - mooc style - no classroom input at all.
I have made an online module to test the validity of a totally online course so the students access it and complete it in their own time.

This was a really interesting activity to do and it made me really think about the activities that I have designed for the students to work through. I need to get more of the DVC work up into the redefinition area, as this is also a golden opportunity to get the work into the extended abstract of the SOLO progression which will get the students to extend their thinking and get outside of that box. We still need to produce work on paper as those key drawing skills are vital to design work, but how can I get them to produce the other work we get to do in innovative and interesting ways so it inspires them in the course rather than is a chore.

This is a great link from GettingSmart for an interactive SAMR ladder.

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