Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Using Google Plus to Save my Sanity ....

I have 30 students in my senior Design and Visual Commnication classes, which makes me happy that my Level 1, 2 and 3 courses can attract the numbers. These students come to me in 2 classes - one is a mixed Level 1 and 2 class and the other is a mixed Level 2 and 3 class. This sounds all good until you break it down further.

In my Level 1 and 2 class, I have a mix of level 1 students. Most are on the course from the start of the term. I have one student who trialed the online module for me last year, so he is starting the course this year further through than the rest.  I also have a student who has just started on the course, so he is behind everyone else. With the Level 2 students in the class too, that means there are 4 different things going on. I felt like I needed roller skates today!!
In my Level 2 and 3 class, I have a number of Level 3 student who are new to the subject and some who have come through Level 1 and 2. So that mix is in there with the Level 2 students too.
I am not daft, and with a limited number of students to fight over for senior courses, I am not demanding separate classes for each level and I am delighted with the 30 students who have chosen my subject. This is the reality, no problem, but I worry that my students are not getting the best of me at the moment. When we are more into using the new online course structure that I am setting up, this problem will be more. Until then, I seem to be turning into Mrs Grumpy at the start of the lesson.

I made a decision today that my Google Plus communities that I had set up to work collaboratively with the students will be their first stop as soon as they get in the class room.
I am going to put on there the instructions for each lesson, personalised / grouped, with links and examples included.
There is one ready for tomorrow for the level 3 students, which includes a link to the sample site so they know where they should be up to and a check list. How can two of them be so far behind so early in the course??  Seriously!!

If they get used to going here straight away, then they are getting more comfortable with the use of the community so going there to do group work will be more normal for them.
I will then not "go hulk" as one of my Level 1 students told me today :D
I always do examples of whatever I am asking them to do, so posting them here for them all to see together can only be a good thing as I am being open for opinion on my own work as well as expecting them to do it.

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