Saturday, February 27, 2016

Educamp Rotavegas 2016

I had a great day today in Rotarua at the EduCamp Rotavegas 2016.
An early start meant a fabulous view of the sunrise as we drove south. I was very spoiled and got a lift ( thank you Justine Driver @digitallearnin ) so was able to enjoy the great views...

It was a full house when we kicked off in the library at Rotarua Girls High School.

There was LOADS of stuff offered at the smackdown, with lots of people standing up and offering their 2 minutes of something great.
Here is the slideshow of all the links and information from the day.

Here are the notes I made from the day...

Class Dojo :- with Shaun Wood @mrwoodnz

First of all, I went to listen in on the Class Dojo session. I have used Class Dojo before but I am in no way knowledgable on everything it can do.

Send positive messages home.
Can collaborate with other teachers.
Room dojo... so whole classes can get points.
You can use their images, not your own yet.
Can make groups to give points to as a whole.
Random selection of student for extra points.
Can do attendance on here.
Class dojo can be used to take roll when out with students?
Class story.
Can take photos and do a small write up and parents can see it - have to have parents email address in order to invite them.
Can do teacher to parent messages back and forth too.
Parents get a notification on their phone so they know there is something there for them to see.
Can allow in school shopping with points... list made up by staff.
Can do reports out of Dojo - gives a graph of how the student is doing.

Playing :- with @nzleeangela

Then I had to go and play with all the toys... well I HAD to...!!

Makey makey go - Link here
View master - Link here
Google cardboard - Link here

Sphero - Sphero app / Ollie app - Sphero link here  -  Sphero app link here - Ollie app link here
Sharkey - app link
Ollie - tickle app and code / programme the movements - app link

The Sphero is great fun, and the fact that you can use coding to programme it's movements rather than just driving it like we were here, makes it even better!

And I got a new badge!!!

Here are the tweets from the day...

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