Thursday, May 25, 2017

Using SOLO for Self Assessment

After starting to read "SOLO Taxonomy: a Guide for Schools Book 2", I have started to reassess the self assessment sheets that I had started to put together. Initially, I was including what level they were on, the description and a space for the students to include the evidence. After thinking about it, I realised that I didn't need to include the evidence column as all the evidence is on the sheet they are working on. In "SOLO Taxonomy: a Guide for Schools Book 2", it talks about making the target vocabulary explicit so the students know what kind of words they are needing to use at a particular level. This has resulted in me adjusting the way I have structuring these self assessment sheets.
I have produced two sets up to now. A describe chart and a compare and contrast chart, both with matching self assessment sheet to refer to.

They are both activities that are at a particular SOLO level, the describe is at multistructural and the compare is at relational, but the structure gives the opportunity for the student outcome to be assessed at all levels depending on how much depth they have included.

I have continued what I started in terms of using a coloured visual diagram on the self assessment chart to visually indicate what part of the whole thing the student has completed.

Next step is using this with the students to see how it goes. I have new Year 9 and Year 10 groups, so they look like likely candidates for experimenting and see how these go.

Describe chart

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