Monday, June 12, 2017

Planning for Learn, Create, Share ...

I have been writing my latest lesson plan for Manaiakalani Class OnAir.
After sharing it, I was asked an interesting question. Could I make it explicit where the Learn, Create and Share elements were in the planning?
I have decided to take all the colour elements off the lesson plan struture that I had already put in place for Class OnAir and only use colour to highlight two things - SOLO taxonomy and Learn, Create, Share.
I have included the logos / visual elements of both of these things so the colours can be related to the visuals.
I could have used titles and labels but decided on a typically Graphics teacher way of approaching it and used colouring in!!

Here is the link to the whole lesson plan. It is spread over the series of a few days.

Here are the elements that I focussed on highlighting :-

SOLO Taxonomy success criteria

Learn, Create, Share

I like the way the colour brings out the key elements to focus on.
It makes it very clear where you have hit learn, create, share in the lesson planning and how much weight each one has in relation to the others.

My next steps could be assessing where these elements are highlighted in the teacher activity as well as the students.

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