Thursday, June 1, 2017

Updates to Year 11 priority students

There is an upload of credits going to NZQA in the next day, so we have been trying to get work finished, marked and uploaded to Kamar for the upload to be as up to date as possible.

With our PLG groups, we have been discussing which students we are considering a priority in our classes based on the data and the credits they have already.
A link to this is here
To be honest, the whole of my Year 11 group are priority to me at the moment as none of them have got the work completed that they should have by this point in the year. Blog post here
I chose 2 particular students to focus on for this study with the PLG group, as this would benefit my whole group anyway.

My plan has been :-

  • A shared spreadsheet so they can plot their progress and see the progress of others.
  • Taking the focus off the portfolio site, as we can get the completed work on there later. As long as I can see the work to mark, then it is OK.
  • A SOLO structured evaluation so they ended on a high point with plenty of depth.
  • Starting work on the next project and alternating working on that and getting the late work finished. This way, they don't feel like they are just slipping further behind.
Updates this week, which was the deadline for the new upload to NZQA.
One of my students has not been present recently due to an "incident" .. all good, we can continue next week when I get to see him again. 
(This student has been working well in another lesson so I got his teacher to have a chat with him to see if there was any problem that he wasn't telling me about.)

The other student I chose to be a priority was because she had credits in all of her other lessons but not in mine.
As of yesterday, she has completed everything to a really high standard. She talked with me about wanting to get an excellence so I shared with here some work form a couple of years ago for that standard. It has been externally moderated at an excellence so I was confident in sharing it with her so she could see what she needed to aim for.
She achieved her excellence and we are both VERY HAPPY!!

The rest of the class is nearly there, so I am expecting a good few more credits in the next week.
It is still not perfect,  as only one of the group has any credits yet, but it is moving in the right direction and we are being positive about it.

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