Thursday, May 31, 2018

CoL Meeting Week 5 Term 2

We cluster together to try and change the results all together.
Pedagogy is not the same in different subjects - domains. Choose the approach which is best at the time for the students and the content you are working through.
We need to share what is working because of this so we can all help each other as teachers.
Great ideas are not great if they don’t go with good pedagogy. Linking evidence to practice.
Learning to read - reading to learn - these are two different things so need to be taught differently.
But, you learn to read as you are reading so some content is needed in the process.
Students need to want to improve not just get the job done.
They need to think about their learning and how to improve it.

When you plan the work, are you allowing enough for the students to add their effort and the teacher is not doing too much?
Value added is more important. How did they get from here to here?
Teaching as inquiry is formatively assessing the practice of the teacher.
Faster is not better if it is boring.

Language in Abundance - Dr Jannie van Hees

Link to presentation

Language carries knowledge and knowledge carries language.
There is no learning that does not require language.
Increasing levels of complexity are needed as well as the words / vocab / language
Is what you are doing helping the students to continuously raise the level they are able to cope with?
Constantly asking the students questions does not give them more information, you are wanting what they already have.
Give :-
Vocabulary lift
Structural lift
When talking back to the students when they are talking about their work.
They also have to elaborate to each other when they are sharing in pairs / groups / the class.
How do you get the balance between giving them more language through elaboration and too much teacher talk?
Can we respond to students but make sure the whole class know that the answer / learning is for all of them?

Talking together - a conversation
to and fro talking - chain linking
listening and responding.
Students have a sentence each and have to link onto the last one to create a paragraph of linked sentences.

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