Monday, July 29, 2019

Art with Year 7 and 8

Earlier in the year I had been doing media experiments with my Senior students to try and encourage them to use a range of media instead of just colouring pencils all the time.  I had put these up on the wall and they were seen by one of my Intermediate classes. They asked of they could do something like that too. Their class teacher, Mrs Robyn anderson was happy about this as she wanted to do more art work with them.  She wrote a great blog post about it here.

After we had done that it got me thinking about an art project that I had done with Year 7 students when I taught Art in England. 
I put together an example and discussed it with Robyn. It was a mixture of colour blending with oil pastels (which they has already had experience of in the previous Art activity) and looking at really simple cubism. She was keen so after the students had completed their technology project we did this activity at the end of the rotation.
They then went back and taught the rest of their class how to do it.
When I visited their class today their art work was on the classroom wall and it looked fabulous.

I have included photographs of them here.


  1. Hi Karen
    This was such a fun lesson to continue in the classroom. I appreciated you letting me watch your initial instruction because I had the opportunity to see the content vocabulary and instructional language being used in context. The group your took were fabulous teachers as they were able to share their learning from the lesson with you with confidence. Thank you once again and I'm glad to you got to see the finished pieces on the wall.


    1. I LOVE teaching art to your students Robyn. They are so keen and then turn around and share all their skills forwards.