Monday, February 10, 2014

Always Wowed by the Stats on Flickr

It was a busy week for the school Flickr account with photographs going up from both the Year 9 settling in activities and the Powhiri.
What has amazed me is the number of hits the account has had over the weekend.
I feed the photographs through to TCTV, the school blog account and to a variety of social media ( Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook ).
I have noticed over the time that we have been using the Flickr account that more people are coming to Flickr directly. The students know that the photographs will be there, and we all know how much they love looking at them selves, so they go there directly after a school event has happened.

What has happened over the weekend though, has blown me away!


  1. Of those 8,000 "views", do you know how many actually viewed your photo? Flickr started over exaggerating the view total, in an effort to increase it's popularity. I would be surprised if more than 1 percent of those 8,000 were actually people clicking on your photo to view it.

  2. It is not just from one photograph, as that would be silly.
    At that time, 93 photographs were uploaded to an album from a school event. I have just looked and it is running at about 150 views per photo.
    It was a popular school event and all the students know to look on Flickr for photos of themselves, so the 8,000 is highly likely.