Friday, February 21, 2014

Moving it Around....

On my timetable this year, I have my Level 1 group for a double period on Friday mornings. This week we have been using the apple suite in the Tech block to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator, but we can't do that on a Friday morning as it is being used by our lovely intermediate visitors for their Technology rotation.
This morning we were going to start looking at thumbnail sketching, how to do them and why you would use them. It is an extremely hot day today so we grabbed the bean bags and went over to the new covered outside area by the Marae. The Level 2 ladies were able to work on their netbooks to continue with their Art Deco work and the Level 1 group started producing their thumbnail sketch practice drawings.

Here we are working outside in the lovely cool shade.....
Link to the whole album here

They had to look at what was around them where they were sitting. Close up / mid range / far away.
The thumbnail boxes were not to be too big and the sketches had to be quick and loose, not too much detail.
Check out their sketches here. I have scanned them in and emailed them to myself and uploaded the files to a Google Plus album. I used Flickr in previous years to put the students work photographs on but I am having issues with the embedded album showing on the class Google site. We are using Google plus for communities this year, so going here for their photos too will be fine.
Next week they have to grab their own work out of this album and put it onto their own DVC Google site.

Here is mine to show them what to do as we did it today....

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