Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It's all go...

It has been a busy first couple of days back.
I had all my seniors make Google sites last year to put all of their work onto. They shared their sites with me, which made my "my sites" page VERY long and difficult to find things in.
This year, the students have made all their sites open to the world and have emailed me the url link to their home page. I have made a table with the links to all of their sites on the Student Work tab on the DVC site. I can then navigate to their sites easily from here without it bogging down my sites page. This also makes them accessible to anyone else visiting the site to see what the students are working on.

The new to DVC students had to make the site, make all the tabs for the projects and put them on the horizontal navigation bar. They then copied the calendar from the DVC site onto their own Google calendar and embed it onto their homes pages.
Those who had a site from last year had to archive their pages into drop downs under a Level 1 or 2 tab and then make the new pages for this year's projects.

Here are links to the pages on the DVC site that will take you to the Student sites. They are not all there yet as they have not all completed the tasks and sent me the link. ( It is only day 2 back so I will let them off... )

Link to Junior sites
Link to Level 1 sites
Link to Level 2 sites
Link to Level 3 sites

What we did then was get sorted out on Google Plus.
My reason for using Google plus this year is mainly to support the students with the notes and analysis and the higher thinking skills that they need to access the higher levels of achievement.
My notes and links for this are here...

I think my students have had a bit of a shock at the pace of the last couple of days.
Get used to it!!!!.....

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